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 Tiankii⚡️Technology Bitcoin Solutions

Tiankii is the first Bitcoin-only startup in El Salvador. We are building Bitcoin payment technology to support hyperbitcoinization and the next countries that will make Bitcoin legal tender.

Bitcoin technology

 Bitcoin contactless payment Technology


Bitcoin technology

Bitcoin Merchant Tools


Bitcoin technology

Bitcoin for Enteprises


Bitcoin Contactless Payment Technology

The easiest way to pay with Bitcoin: Tap to pay with NFC technology. We are developing technology for acquirers, merchants and consumers. Learn here more about our SDK and Tiankii NFC Bolt cards.

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Bitcoin Merchant Tools

Tiankii is building non-custodial tools for merchants, focused on creating the next generation of financial products that help people unleash the power of Bitcoin and its decentralized monetary network worldwide.

Bitcoin for Enterprises

If you are a Company or Fintech, we help innovative companies adopt Bitcoin tools to unlock significant productivity gains for their employees. Embracing Bitcoin tools empowers employees with cutting-edge financial innovation, aligning their interests with the company's success, ultimately driving greater productivity.

About Us

Welcome to Bitcoin Country 🇸🇻 

El Salvador HQ and incorporated, in compliance with Bitcoin Law.

Tiankii is a Salvadoran tech startup, a pioneer in Bitcoin/Lightning development. We are the first Salvadoran company specializing in Bitcoin and Lightning development, helping businesses implement Bitcoin and Lightning Network infrastructure to accept Bitcoin payments in a self-custodial way.

Tiankii is part of the Bitcoin El Salvador Ecosystem and a Bitcoin Service Provider in El Salvador.


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El Salvador Headquarters and incorporated, in compliance with Bitcoin Law.

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