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    Tiankii is a non-custodial platform for merchants focused on creating the next generation of financial products, helping people to unleash the power of Bitcoin and its decentralized monetary network worldwide.

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Bitcoin payments made easy

Tiankii empower your business with all the bitcoin payment tools you need to grow your business:

Point of Sales (POS), Payment links, Payment buttons, Lightning addresses, eCommerce, Sub accounts, API, etc

also Real time conversion & Deposit to Bank Accounts

Tiankii is for everyone as bitcoin is Bitcoin for everyone!

Start accepting Bitcoin today in more than 150 fiat currencies.

Receiving all payments on your own wallet

One app to power Bitcoin & Lightning wallets, you can connect your own wallet or your Lightning Network node and tiankii will turn your wallet into a Neo Banking platform: POS, Payment Links, ecommerce, etc

Payments Networks

Bitcoin and Lightning payments is connecting millions of customers and merchants and boosting the Hyperbitconezation.

Tiankii supports payments in the Lightning, Bitcoin On chain and Chivo USD Network.

Bitcoin payment solutions for all businesses

Tiankii includes everything you need to accept and manage bitcoin to grow your business.

Technology that matter

Bitcoin for everyone, tiankii is for everyone too.
We help people to get ready for the financial infrastructure of the future.
All tools your business need to embrace bitcoin
Tiankii is a bitcoin payment platform that helps businesses accept payments anywhere.

Point of Sales

Point of sale software to accept Bitcoin payments on smartphone and computers.

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Payment links

Create payment links that you can share as a link via social media, email, text, etc.

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Payments button

Payment buttons that helps merchants sell from their website.

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Start selling online in minutes, on your e-commerce powered by Tiankii, so you can receive payments without being present and at any time.

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Control Center

View all your sales and payment activity of all your branches or sales terminals in one place.

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Tiankii API

Tiankii payments API allows to develop technical integrations of bitcoin payments with existing systems within the company

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360-Degree view of your sales

Tiankii's Command center allows merchants View all sales and payment activity of all your branches or sales terminals in one place, helping the manager to see the Bitcoin income in real time.

Start today receiving Bitcoin Payments

Sign up today and start receiving bitcoin payments everywhere in a sovereign way.

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Bitcoin, Lightning y Chivo payments made easy

Available: Smartphones, Tablets and Computers.

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About Us

Welcome to Bitcoin City! 

El Salvador HQ and Incorporated compliance with Bitcoin Law.

Tiankii is a salvadoran tech startup, pioneer in bitcoin/lightning development. Tiankii is the first salvadoran company doing Bitcoin and Lightning development. We are helping companies to implement Bitcoin and Lightning Network infrastructure and accept bitcoin payments in a sovereign way. 

Tiankii powered by Norttech Labs is part of the Bitcoin El Salvador community and a Bitcoin Service Provider in El Salvador.



Tiankii is free to use.

Our vision is “Mobilize Bitcoin for a more financial inclusive world”

We are a platform that help companies get ready for the financial infrastructure of the future, empowering companies with more than 10 tools to grow your business with Bitcoin payments.

Start today, create your tiankii account you don't need to install nothing.


The more comprehensive Non-custodial Bitcoin Payment Procesor to grown your business with Bitcoin payments.

Payment Networks

Connecting millions of customers and merchants and boosting the Hyperbitconezation.

Tiankii supports Lightning, Bitcoin On chain and Chivo Network payments.


Contact us for tailored Bitcoin solution for your organization.

- Bitcoin Payment Proccesor.
Turnkey Custodial solution.
BTC to USD Realtime conversion.
Daily payouts/deposits to any Bank Accounts (Currently El Salvador only)

Enterprise Support
Enterprise Monthly support: helpdesk, email, phone, consultancy.
Custom integrations API
Bitcoin/Lightning as a Service
Lightning Service Provider (LSP) services

Contact us

Contact us today QH in San Salvador, El Salvador and Incorporated compliance with Bitcoin Law