The best apps to pay with Bitcoin in El Salvador

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18/07/2022 11:08 AM Comentario(s)

Learn about the best apps to pay with Bitcoin in El Salvador to take advantage of all the benefits that this digital currency offers you.

Since the Bitcoin Law came into force in El Salvador, many have been interested in this new financial system. Now, to take your first steps in this new world, you need a bitcoin wallet in El Salvador.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that facilitates all transactions, not only in El Salvador but also throughout the world. This financial system has suffered its ups and downs, however, everything indicates that many countries will make the decision to regularize transactions with this currency not far away.

It is important that you are prepared and have a bitcoin wallet in El Salvador. Here you will learn the most relevant details and the different platforms that allow you to trade with this digital currency.

Chivo Wallet 

Chivo is the digital wallet created by the government of El Salvador. It will be useful for you to send and receive bitcoin without paying any commission, a unique quality within the universe of wallets for this digital currency.

For some digital currency enthusiasts, government intervention in this type of platform often raises questions. However, with Chivo Wallet it is an advantage, since it has ATMs throughout the country, where you can make cash withdrawals in dollars from your digital wallet.

These ATMs are not only found in El Salvador, you can also find them in the main cities of the United States and make your withdrawals in dollars. This is one of the most striking qualities of this bitcoin wallet in El Salvador.

It will allow top-ups with your credit or debit card. On the other hand, there is no minimum limit for transactions, previously the minimum was 5 dollars, but today you can make transactions of up to 1 cent.


Strike is an app that will allow you to convert your dollars into bitcoin in a simple way by linking your bank account to this wallet. This application operates throughout the United States and recently arrived in Argentina to offer its services.

One of the great advantages is that your subscription is free. You only need your personal information such as your identity document and a utility bill, you will be ready to use this bitcoin wallet in El Salvador.

Strike wallet has gained a lot of popularity in the country as it works as a micro-payment app. This means that it does not have a minimum transaction amount and also no commission is charged when making a transaction with bitcoin.

Thanks to this feature, you can buy goods, pay for services and even send tips. It is important to mention that it is a wallet that operates worldwide.

Bitcoin Beach Wallet

Another wallet made for El Salvador is Bitcoin Beach, it is a new digital wallet which has been designed to facilitate the link between your bank account and your digital wallet. This allows you to send and receive payments in a simple and secure way.

Inspired by the coasts of El Salvador, this young wallet makes its way into the country as one of the most versatile bitcoin wallets in El Salvador. Not only can natural people use it, but also large and small businesses.

Locals that do not qualify for a merchant account will be able to use the Bitcoin Beach Wallet to be able to accept domestic and international credit card payments.


Many people consider Muun to be one of the most secure digital wallets out there. To carry out a transaction in this wallet, it is a requirement of the app to make a backup, in this way in case of theft or loss, you will have the security that your assets are safe in the app.

You can choose the password recovery method you want, as well as anti-hacking, fraud and asset theft security systems.

On the other hand, it is a wallet that allows you to make payments in bitcoin and other digital currencies easily, quickly and safely. Also, it has very low commissions regardless of the amount of the transaction. This wallet is available on Android and iOS.

Blue Wallet 

Blue Wallet makes bitcoin transactions easy. With 5 years of experience in the market, it allows you to send and receive bitcoin in a very simple way.

It has an ultra-fast payment system, which facilitates bitcoin transactions. In addition, it is one of the most reliable wallets that exists thanks to its great diversity of security systems.

The most popular security system among bitcoin experts is that of "Cold wallets", this means that your assets are stored in wallets outside the system, which guarantees total protection against hacking and information theft.

If you wish, they offer a unique private key management service, which allows you to keep your bitcoins safe at all times, from storage to any transaction you make.

Green Wallet

Green Wallet is an app available for both Android and iOS devices where you can store your bitcoins and carry out a wide variety of transactions safely.

It is a unique open source wallet. Its programming is done by a community, which means that it is not a digital wallet owned by a person or a company. These types of systems are usually very reliable when executing transactions in digital currencies.

It turns out that it is very easy to use and has a fairly advanced security system. Any transaction must be approved by a security system called Green Addres.

Green Wallet offers its users to keep track of your carbon footprint, as well as being able to plant trees in your name if you wish. In this way you can send or receive bitcoin and also take care of the environment.

Wallet of Satoshi

Wallet of Satoshi presents a simple interface, because you can access the most important information of your wallet with the push of a button.

One of the great advantages of using this digital wallet is that it was designed exclusively for bitcoin transactions. Once you have it on your smartphone you can send or receive payments in this digital currency.

A relevant feature of this wallet is its backup system. This means that if you forget your information, or your phone is stolen, you will have the option to recover all the funds you had in your account.

El Salvador has become the center of attention around bitcoin transactions. There are many platforms that you can use for this purpose, each of them has unique characteristics.

However, to choose your bitcoin wallet in El Salvador, you must prioritize ease of use and also the security that this wallet can provide you when storing and making transactions with your digital currency.